De Na Volta Vin Co El Fondo Frizzante

Montelliana Line

De Na Volta Vin Co El Fondo Frizzante

"De na volta…" As tradition dictates, in the days following Easter, after a period of refinement following the winter rest, the basic wine is bottled where it re-ferments producing the characteristic deposit. It is a wine which follows the cycle of the seasons and once bottled, cannot be corrected or modified. It differs from one year to the next, from bottle to bottle and, depending on when it is drunk, produces entirely different complex and ever-changing sensations. Rich, austere and mineral. Never predictable and not always easy to interpret, but honest and sincere. Slightly cloudy, but with infinite appeal. Serve at 8-10° C.

Province of Treviso

White wine method with soft pressing, natural secondary fermentation in the bottle

10,5% Vol

3 g/l

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